Do you store on the floor?

Do you store on the floor? Part 1

A mountain of clothes litters the floor and from it you pull any items you can see that will

a) fit you

b) look and smell relatively clean.

This could be because you have a wardrobe so full that you cannot squeeze any more in it and if you try to extract one item a further three will inevitably try to prevent it from leaving.  Why is it that coat hangers all desperately want to stick together?

If you (and your beloved) are never irritated or frustrated by this clothes mountain then read no further.  You are happy and you have the right to remain so.

However for those of you out there who get frustrated because you can find one red shoe and one blue, or even a matching pair of black left shoes and you are late for the bus, train, office, meeting, read on and see hope rise.

Take a moment and think about the true reason your clothes mountain is there.  Is it due to the packed wardrobe?

Now is the time to take a day and clear it out.  Chuck anything that is too small or too large. The former fills you with guilt that your sylph like figure is receding; the latter tells you that you are not strong willed enough to keep the weight off.  Either way, do yourself a favour and get that stuff out of your wardrobe.  If you must keep it, box it, label it and put it out of sight.

If you want to make money you can take good stuff to your local ‘As new’ shop.  They are interested in clean, nearly new labels.  Primark is not for them.  Old unusable items can be sold as ‘rags’ for about £3 per 10 kgs (a large black bin liner full is a close approximation)

For the rest you can take it to the charity shop of your choice. There is an abundant array in every high street.

If all this is too daunting you can get help.

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