Do you store on the Floor? part 3

A mountain of clothes litters the floor and from it you pull any items you can see that will a) fit you and b) look and smell relatively clean.

If you (and your beloved) are never irritated or frustrated by this clothes mountain then read no further. You are happy and you have the right to remain so.

Reason Three
Do you just hate putting things away? Life is too short to waste time tidying.

I would argue that life is too short not to be organised. Levels of tidiness vary for us all but a mountain of clothes on the floor can cause high levels of frustration when you can’t find what you are looking for plus the floor is not going to be the cleanest of places if you can’t get at it with the vacuum.

Maybe the classic system of wardrobe and drawers will never work for you. You could try open cubes in which you place smaller piles of like items or even place entire outfits right down to underwear that goes with them. This is not to be excessively ‘matchy’ but simply that some trousers need lower cut undies and tops a certain style of bra.

How often have you decided on something and then found you can’t wear it because you can’t find any decent tights?

What about going right outside the box? Get rid of both wardrobe and drawers and organise your clothes on and under a pasting table.

If you are going to do this I suggest you invest in the relatively cheap table first and see if it works as a system for you before ditching the family heirlooms.

You could lay your clothes along the table following either the like items with like or the outfits system. Bulky items like jumpers or sweat shirts could be in boxes under the table. We all know that any mountain of clothes collapses if it gets too big so keep the piles small so you can see what is there.

Finally, invest in a second laundry basket and separate your lights from your dark colours as you undress. When either basket is full you know you have a full washing load. If you find, as I do, that there is much more of one than the other you can bulk it up with one of the sheets from your bed. I use non matching sheets for this express purpose!

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