The world I want to live in

Corrina Gordon Brown’s blog on ‘Movement marketing’ got me thinking.  What sort of world do I want to live in and how does my business fit in with it?

Calm, productive homes

I want people to enjoy living in their domestic environment.  I want them to be able to find the stuff they need when they need it.  I’d like to help them organise their space so that they can maximize storage and minimize searching.  A place where everything has a natural home.  A place where they can feel at ease because ease is built in.

A clutter busting session isn’t about getting rid of all your treasured possessions.  It’s about rediscovering the gems you own and have forgotten.  It’s about housing possessions in a more effective manner so they are hard to lose and easy to find.  It’s about reclaiming your physical space which has the happy byproduct of increasing your mental space and well being.  It’s about loving the place you live in and looking forward to going home at night.

Do you share my vision?

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It doesn’t necessarily need a full day to get this kind of order back in your life.  If you’d like to know more about how de-cluttering can de-stress your life, get in touch!  I’d love to help.

Call Christine on 07794978095

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