Lots of clothes but nothing to wear?

Do you find yourself hunting madly through an over stuffed wardrobe in the morning, despairing of ever finding anything to wear?

Here is a tip for you to try:

Sort out about 7 outfits for work which you look good in. Ring the changes so you have a variety of styles and colors. Make sure you have some bright colors in there because you will look and feel good in those. Clear out any clothes that you never wear For whatever reason be that because they need dry cleaning, they are uncomfortable, they were a bad impulse buy…

Pack away the rest in a suitcase or two.

When you have an urge to buy something, go down to your ‘shop’ and choose a new outfit and pack away one of the upstairs outfits so you never have more than 7 to choose from. When you ‘buy’ something pop a few pounds into a money box to have some fun on your days off. Make that fun something that you do, rather than buy to keep. (That is the declutterer in me speaking)

Do the same with your weekend clothes.

Special occasion clothes could also be put away till you need them.

In all cases make sure the clothes you put away are clean and do not need anything more than a swift iron to make them ready to wear.

If you need any help and would like to have fun sorting and choosing those outfits, feel free to call and book a wardrobe overhaul!

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