Summertime Tips for Teachers

You have had a hard year and now you need some down time. If you are like me though, you use the first week of the holiday to tidy up and reorganise all those cupboards of stuff that have accumulated over the past year. It is very easy for school stuff to take over your home as well as your classroom.

Now is a good time to take stock of what you have used and what is moldering away at the back of the cupboard. Be ruthless and realistic. Is this item in good enough condition to use again? Is it faded, torn or tatty? Would you actually want to use it?

Don’t let tired resources take up space in cupboards.

By checking over your stock early in the holiday you will know what you have to work with when you start preparing topics for the next academic year.

If the thought of tackling the cupboards alone is daunting or overwhelming, why not give me a call on 07794 978095 and book a one off cupboard clearing session?


Sometimes talks inspire people to do more!
I received this poem written by a member of the audience after my talk on ‘The problem of Clutter in the Modern World’ in Ipplepen, Devon.

Self Confessed Hoarder
I’ll put this away for the children
It’s a pity to throw it away
I’ll put it with some others
It’s sure to come in handy one day.
I’ll find room in the attic for this one
They don’t make these any more.
I’ll wrap it in plenty of paper
And lie it down flat on the floor.
This should just about go through the trap door
With a shove and a pull on the rope
There’s nowhere else we can put it
So let’s try once again and just hope.
I’ll layer a few of these ‘thingies’
And take a few cuttings of these
I’d better sow some of those ‘whatsits’
And grow a few more trees.
Now the attic and shed seams are bursting.
In the garden are more odds and ends
But it seems that the children won’t have them
Instead they may well go to friends
For half of the kids have departed
To lands that they feel are more just
In the meantime our odd bits and pieces
Will get thicker and thicker in dust!

Which of these excuses do you use for keeping stuff you don’t want or need?
If you need help to sort things give me a call on 07794 978095