Every step we take is a journey, from here to there.

‘Make every journey count’ is a mantra some people live by, especially if they want to stay in control – or indeed, take back control.  Even in my odd-shaped abode, the journey to the kitchen isn’t really a ‘long’ one.  How do I make it count?  Every time I get up to go to the kitchen, I take a look around me and see what needs to go back there.

Usually it’s crockery, but it might be a letter that needs posting or a coat that needs to be hung up in the hall, or something for the recycling box.  It’s something that doesn’t live in the lounge, it’s in what I call the ‘wrong’ place.  If it’s in the ‘wrong’ place it is not organised and that means I am not in control.

So I pick up that plate and return it from whence it came.  I stay in control.

You only have one pair of hands so if your room has become really disorganised, you might think removing the odd plate or cup will make no difference, but think of it like a tiny step in a long journey.  It’s just to get you going.  The journey you make to your kitchen is one you will make many times, so why not make the most of it?  Make it more interesting, make it the start of your recovery program, where you take back control of your space.  Maybe you will feel the tingle you get from this small improvement.  Pretty soon you might find yourself making extra journeys to the kitchen (maybe even via some other room) just for that nice feeling of achievement.

Every journey begins with a single step, so take a look around your immediate space, spot the item that’s in the wrong place and pick it up before you go.  Every journey we make counts – and now those journeys have added purpose, they matter even more.

Or maybe you’ll just feel like you’ve put a few plates back, but at least they are where they should be.  It’s a start.