About Me

Hi, my name is Neil Olsen.

My sister Christine was in business as a professional de-clutterer and owner of Devon Clutter Busters, from 2009 to 2019. Through 2018 I worked alongside her with a view to taking over the business in April 2019. We worked together and separately on a variety of jobs over the years, and now Christine has now passed Devon Clutter Busters over to me.

So Devon Clutter Busters has moved ‘across the border’ to Somerset where I am based. I will still be able to work in parts of Devon, and we have a reliable contact for the parts of Devon I cannot reach.

I have four years experience of working with people who hoard, and a straightforward approach to simplifying life, with organised living systems for those who suffer under the twin burdens of ‘too much stuff’ and ‘not enough time’…

…which is most us really, when you think about it.

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