The Winter of our Discontent

Christmas, some say, is on the top of a steep hill.  The nearer you get, the steeper it becomes.  As we reach the end of our third lockdown, one starts to feel the same way.   I still haven’t had my vaccination, so I’m very stuck, until that happens.  Like many other self-employed people I’ve had to turn down work and thus been prevented from earning a living.  It’s a very frustrating time.

Generally, winter months can be a problem when you find it hard to stay organised.  Dismal weather isn’t conducive to doing things and there is a tendency to hunker down and hibernate, so now is the time to call up some creativity, if you find things getting on top of you.

Lockdowns aside, if the weather is so bad that you have to stay indoors anyway, why not use that as a reason to spruce-up your space?  Try a bit of feng shui – move the sofa so it faces another way, put your fave snuggle chair near a window so you get more light.  Experiment with arrangement – have fun with your furniture!

As 1980s pop-art-nouveau oddballs the B52s said: “Dance this mess around”.  Put on some music and move your stuff – it’s a great way to refresh.  It invigorates your physical space and your brainspace.  Serious ‘spring cleaners’ love moving furniture for these reasons.  For the rest of us, this way, we don’t have to push it all back again.

A Lovely Space.
Pic: A mess that I “danced around” recently, or where my sofa used to be, is now (after some cleaning) an interesting space. I haven’t worked out what to do with it yet, but I enjoy looking at it. Sofa is now out of pic, on the left, so it looks out of the window.

Take down your ornaments and give them a good wash – glass and china shines up a treat.  If you can’t wash them, dust them carefully.  Clean the mantels and ledges.  Put the ornaments back in a different place, or maybe swap them for others in a different room.  Is it time to declutter?  Remove the ones you no longer like!

The covid plague has taught us that it makes sense to do some general surface cleaning.  Any ordinary soap-based detergents destroy viruses by breaking down the oil-based skin that surrounds them. You can use anti-bacterial cleaners, or keep it simple with very dilute white vinegar – but this is less effective against viruses.  If germs spread through contact, the best thing you can do is to keep your living space clean, especially on hard surfaces, doors, railings etc.

Don’t overdo it – if you’ve been ill or you’re finding it hard to get motivated, it takes time to get your energy back.  The physical exercise of cleaning will be good for you, but doing too much will slow down your recovery.  So pace yourself, do a good job, and enjoy doing it.  Reward yourself with a rest and a hot drink afterwards.  No matter how small, admire what you have achieved.  It’s one less thing you have ‘to do’, one more thing ‘DONE’.

As the song says “Now, don’t that make you feel a whole lot better?