When organised space needs reorganising

Sometimes our lovely organised wardrobe space no longer works for us. Mounting piles of clothes accumulate in all four corners of a room.

Why have you stopped putting it away?
Chances are that the system that has worked beautifully up to now has suddenly got blocked. Once the organised space becomes blocked then there is nowhere to put the new stuff that is still coming in.

Surprisingly, it often takes a little while for us to notice the reason for the piles. We are busy people and small piles accumulate quietly but steadily in unused corners. Once we do notice we need to take action. Look at the storage space allocated for this stuff and check for blockages. Is your wardrobe so stuffed that you now have to hang clothes on the outside rather than the inside of it? Have you run out of hangars?

When your wardrobe and drawers no longer accommodate all that is destined to go in them you will find yourself with piles of clean laundry mounting on any available surface. There seems little point in folding it as you have nowhere to put it.

It’s time for action. Go through your wardrobe and drawers and let go of anything that no longer fits you. If you love it and you want to keep it till it fits again then try removing it from your working wardrobe. Bag it up and put it somewhere out of the way. You don’t need the guilt trip that you are no longer size XS and it won’t get in the way of the clothes you actually wear.

Next, check for clothes which still have the shop labels attached. Is it time to admit you made a mistake and that this was an impulse purchase too far? Forget about the money and let it go. We all make mistakes. If that had been a burnt dinner it would not be allowed to go on haunting you with its presence so why keep an unloved piece of clothing when space is at a premium?

If this seems like an overwhelming task, don’t worry. Help is at hand.
A Devon Clutter Busters wardrobe overhaul is great fun!

Christine will help you to choose the clothes that make you look good and feel great and leave your wardrobe and drawers organised and easy to manage.

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New Year, New habits…

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes that you don’t wear either because you don’t like them, or can’t find them?

Maybe now is the time to set in place some new habits, to make your mornings easier. Take a couple of hours and go through your wardrobe. Separate out the clothes that you wear from those you don’t wear. Those you wear can go back in the wardrobe. You will feel great being able to see what you have and knowing that it is all being worn.

Now go through the ones that you don’t wear. If they don’t fit, let them go or at least put them away. They should not be taking up space in your wardrobe.

What is left?

Maybe, clothes that you would wear – but they need ironing, dry cleaning, or mending. Set yourself a reasonable timescale to get these things sorted. If by the end of that time you haven’t dealt with the problem, you probably don’t like them enough to be worth keeping. Let them go.

Try not to hang on to things that are too small or are uncomfortable. The truth is that if you lose the weight you deserve something new, and if you don’t lose it, then those clothes just serve to make you feel bad about yourself. If the item is uncomfortable to wear, you will either regret wearing it – or not wear it! Let it go.

Lastly, do you find you can’t resist a bargain? If that is the case try to put some space between seeing the item and buying it. Go home and look at what you will wear it with, if it doesn’t go with anything then it isn’t a bargain as you need to buy yet more things just to be able to wear it.

If you are a charity shop junkie then tell yourself ‘If it is meant to be, it will still be here tomorrow’. Many of us buy more than we want or need and it only serves to make our lives more difficult as we can’t find the things we want in the jumble that is our wardrobe.

Good luck with making your mornings simpler.

If you would like a wardrobe overhaul with someone who will make you feel good about yourself and your clothes without chucking everything out then why not call me on 077949 78095 and book a 3 hour wardrobe overhaul?

Much more fun than the sales!

Do you store on the Floor? part 3

A mountain of clothes litters the floor and from it you pull any items you can see that will a) fit you and b) look and smell relatively clean.

If you (and your beloved) are never irritated or frustrated by this clothes mountain then read no further. You are happy and you have the right to remain so.

Reason Three
Do you just hate putting things away? Life is too short to waste time tidying.

I would argue that life is too short not to be organised. Levels of tidiness vary for us all but a mountain of clothes on the floor can cause high levels of frustration when you can’t find what you are looking for plus the floor is not going to be the cleanest of places if you can’t get at it with the vacuum.

Maybe the classic system of wardrobe and drawers will never work for you. You could try open cubes in which you place smaller piles of like items or even place entire outfits right down to underwear that goes with them. This is not to be excessively ‘matchy’ but simply that some trousers need lower cut undies and tops a certain style of bra.

How often have you decided on something and then found you can’t wear it because you can’t find any decent tights?

What about going right outside the box? Get rid of both wardrobe and drawers and organise your clothes on and under a pasting table.

If you are going to do this I suggest you invest in the relatively cheap table first and see if it works as a system for you before ditching the family heirlooms.

You could lay your clothes along the table following either the like items with like or the outfits system. Bulky items like jumpers or sweat shirts could be in boxes under the table. We all know that any mountain of clothes collapses if it gets too big so keep the piles small so you can see what is there.

Finally, invest in a second laundry basket and separate your lights from your dark colours as you undress. When either basket is full you know you have a full washing load. If you find, as I do, that there is much more of one than the other you can bulk it up with one of the sheets from your bed. I use non matching sheets for this express purpose!

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Do you store on the Floor? Part 2

A mountain of clothes litters the floor and from it you pull any items you can see that will

a) fit you and

b) look and smell relatively clean.

You can’t open the wardrobe door or chest of drawers because the floor mountain is in front of it?  It is possible that you have lots of space in the wardrobe but you don’t actually know because it is so long since you last were able to explore its interior.

Take courage in both hands and sort the mountain into separate piles on your bed: tops, trousers, jeans, jumpers, underwear etc.  Have the laundry basket close by for the things that don’t pass the visual and/or nasal tests.

The pile will now take a form that is easier to deal with.

Once the wardrobe/drawers are accessible check what is inside.  Chuck any that are too small too big or follow advice in part 1 of this blog.

Clean the cupboard spaces and line drawers and shelves with pretty paper.  Old Sunday supplements are perfect for this job as long as you don’t let them distract you from the task in hand.

Why do this? Because we don’t like cleaning and the next time you have to sort your cupboard you take out the lining paper and throw it away before putting fresh paper down.

Think carefully about your wardrobe.  Why did you stop using it?

Do you dislike hanging things up?

Maybe a hanging wardrobe is not for you.  Get a local handyman to fill the hanging space with shelves and put your clothes in neat piles on them.

Do you hate coat hangars that snag on each other?

Try buying some rounded plastic ones or wooden ones.  They are better for your clothes and snag less easily.

Do you find it difficult to find what you want?

Think about putting items you wear together next to each other rather than sorting your wardrobe into trousers, skirts, tops.  Now you have outfits together instead and you take three things out together.  Now if the coat hangars snag it won’t matter so much because they are all coming out together anyway.

If all this is too daunting you can get help.

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Do you store on the floor?

Part 1 of 3

A mountain of clothes litters the floor and from it you pull any items you can see that will

a) fit you

b) look and smell relatively clean.

This could be because you have a wardrobe so full that you cannot squeeze any more in it, and if you try to extract one item, a further three will try to prevent it from leaving.  Why is it that coat hangers all desperately want to stick together?

If you (and your beloved) are never irritated or frustrated by your ‘clothes mountain’, then read no further.  You are happy, and you have the right to remain so.

However, for those of you who get frustrated because you can only find one red shoe and one blue, or even a matching pair of black left shoes and you are already running late, read on, and see hope rise.

Take a moment, and think about why your clothes mountain is there.  Is it due to the packed wardrobe?

Now is the time to take a day to clear it out.  Chuck anything that is too small or too large. The former fills you with guilt that your sylph-like figure is receding; the latter tells you that you are not strong-willed enough to keep the weight off.  Either way, do yourself a favour and get that stuff out of your wardrobe!  If you must keep it, box it, label it and put it out of sight.

If you want to make money you can take good stuff to your local ‘As new’ shop.  They are interested in clean, nearly new, quality labels (Primark is not for them).  Old unusable items can be sold as ‘rags’ for about £3 per 10 kgs (a large black bin liner full is a close approximation) if you know a local merchant. If not, cloth recycling is often carried out at your local recycling centre.

For the rest, you can take it to the charity shop of your choice. There are many represented in every high street, and the money they make from resale supports many worthwhile causes.

If all this is too daunting, we are here to help if we can.

Check out our range of services at:  www.devonclutterbusters.com