Christine was amazing
Our loft was beyond help.. Or so I thought. Christine was amazing at not only NOT throwing her hands up in horror at the mere sight of it but she was so brilliant at refocusing everyone’s thoughts and helping to see different ways of clearing/sorting. E.g the furniture that had somehow found its way up there and was too large to remove?!! To use for storage etc.
I would definitely recommend Christine’s services and if money was no object and energy limitless would be calling on her until I felt I had the house as clutter free as I would like it to be!
She definitely gives you the momentum to progress on your own too.
Happy clutter busting!
G Welby
South Devon
 People like you help others to understand and get over their problems

Thank you Christine for giving me the strength I needed to do this project.
I would like to thank Christine Durrant for her help in cleaning and tidying my home. Thank you Christine for giving me the strength I needed to do this project and thank you for becoming a good friend as well. I would like to say that it’s people like you who help others to understand and get over their problems.
Thank you again,
Your friend,
Paul Hawkins
South Devon

Willing to ‘just-do-it’ – Moving in Service
Chris is competent,caring, considered and cheerful: a winning combination for anyone needing help in the throes of moving house.
Helen Elliot

Regular clear outs for a growing family
Chris has come to help me we with the decluttering of the normal build up of stuff that happens over the years with a growing family. She has always been cheerful and efficient and at the end of our sessions we have found the bottom of the cupboards that we planned to, bagged up plenty of things to send to charity or put in the bin and Chris has usually come up with some very helpful suggestions for new systems of organising the rest which have lasted through the months since her visits. We both work hard during these sessions and enjoy doing so.
Elizabeth Adams
South Devon

Overwhelmed after renovation work
I had recently bought a house that needed a lot of renovation work, during which time I was living in the property. With packing boxes, plaster dust and various family members needing accommodation, I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I read about Clutter Busters on the internet and gave the number a call. I was greeted a by a very cheerful voice and explained my situation.

We arranged to have a preliminary meeting. Christine came round; she was friendly and professional. I took time off from my job and worked alongside her. She was very encouraging and made me feel my task was achievable. Together we made order out of chaos. I would be happy to recommend Christine to anyone.
Mrs R

At last a system that works!
I have just come back from holiday and for the first time in four years I have managed to completely unpack all my things in less than 10 minutes using the system you put in place for me; there is not one item on the floor and my case is stored away in readiness for my next holiday!
Thank you so much for giving me all those useful hints and tips to managing my wardrobe. Thank you also for giving me a system that actually works for me as well as all the space saving advice and guidance.

I don’t look round my room in complete despair anymore. In fact I am really happy to see that everything has a place, is tidy and ordered.

I would strongly recommend Christine to anyone who is ready to de-clutter and organise their life. Her method of creating order that can be easily followed is a very worthwhile investment and gives peace of mind which is priceless!
Mrs H

Daunted by the task
Christine visited me to help me make some headway in clearing a room in which so much STUFF had been deposited. Various members of the family had moved to other parts of the country and left what they didn’t want behind plus I had been sorting some things in the house which I wanted to give to charity. But the sight of everything just daunted me, which is why in the end I contacted Devon Clutter Busters.

In the course of a very full day, Christine worked to sort and tidy with me. We took two full carloads to the recycling plant and another two full carloads to a nearby charity. Many black bags were also filled to go out with the rubbish.

I cannot rate Christine highly enough.

She has a lovely manner, friendly and helpful, and gets stuck in straight away. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I would greatly recommend her.
Mrs A

Now I feel energised
Chaos was rampant in my flat but as soon as you arrived my panic subsided. I had no idea how to begin but you seemed to know exactly where we should start in order to have the best end result. It was amazing and fun – unbelievable!

I feel so energised and upbeat and am no longer dreading another winter of failed attempts to sort things on my own. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. People are noticing how much I smile these days. I can find things easily, I have much more space now and I am enjoying living in my flat again. It’s so brilliant! Bravo Devon Clutter Busters!
Mrs O

You helped me prioritise what was important
The thought of clearing out all the past, especially everything accumulated in the attic was so daunting but you really made it easy. I really appreciated the way you made the decisions whether to keep or throw things away so much easier by asking a few gentle questions. You helped me prioritise what was important to me.

You disposed of everything we’d agreed to get rid of so efficiently and sensitively I could hardly believe it!
It was such a good feeling when it had all gone.

I was able to move house without taking a lot of clutter with me and knowing that everything I had kept was what I really wanted to take with me. Looking at all those things that reminded me of the past was very daunting for me, but you made it not only possible but relatively easy.
Mrs H

After bereavement
I would like to thank Christine of Devon Clutter Busters for helping clear my late wife’s things, it was a great help for me, so I would like to thank her very much.

Mr Moore

Tenant’s life transformed
To whom it may concern

Mrs Chris Durrant has been decluttering a tenant of mine who has accumulated 15 years worth of possessions in her flat. It had become a real problem (fire regulations etc.) but Chris has dealt with it so sympathetically, moving at the tenant’s own speed and making such a miraculous change to my tenant’s life and surroundings. She now lives in a beautiful spacious flat and is enjoying it so much.

Mrs Stella Butcher

Christine’s work is effective
After more than 2 decades of living in the same 1 bedroom flat, I had decided to make the break and move across country & closer to the rest of my family.

I had put off this decision again and again, held back by the clutter that had built up for so many years – how could I deal with more than half a life’s worth of accumulated possessions?

Knowing, as I did, the enormity of the invisible iceberg that lurked out of sight within my flat, I was very nervous about tackling the huge task ahead of me.

After too much procrastination, I “bit the bullet” and called in Devon Clutter Busters.  In came Christine with a smile on her face and a clear plan of action in mind.  Some 16 hours of clutter-busting later [over a period of just 3 days in my case] and the flat was clear enough to be put on the market.

Much clutter was eagerly greeted by charity shops, some was bound for the amenity tip, and vast amounts of old paper documents [including cheque books and payslips dating back to the ’80’s] were shredded prior to being recycled.

I cannot overstate the effectiveness of Christine’s work.  At no time did I feel pressured into making a rush-decision over a piece of much-loved memorabilia or comfortable old piece of furniture.  We just kept going, together, until each section was sorted.  Anything that was uncertain was simply placed on one side and revisited at the next session – when the decision seemed so much easier to make!
Mr O

I can’t wait for you to come back
I must thank you for all your help sorting my wardrobes.  My bedroom is clear again and I have been motivated to carry on and sort other corners.  It was such a help that you took stuff straight to the charity shop for me.

I can’t wait for you to come back and sort my walk in cupboard.
Mrs T

One off session overcomes procrastination
Thank you so much for the one off session of clutter busting. You helped me overcome my reluctance to deal with the filing in my office and I was able to continue and finish the job on my own.  Your advice on improving the filing system is proving useful.
Mrs E
South Hams

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. We are about to downsize and Chris came to help us start the process. It was really worth having this session; we got so much done in 3 hours and I have got a much clearer idea of how to carry on. Thanks for all the tips!

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